Renewable Asset Managers

Our Experience and offer

The Senior Management of Quest Property Asset Management have many years of experience in the Renewables Sector, both in Europe as well as in South America, being one of the 1st developers of Wind Farms in Brazil with a portfolio of 220MW distributed in 7 Wind Farms, the development of a CHP-Combined Heat & Power of 5 different sizes and sites in Portugal, a couple of small hydro power-plants in the Manchester Ship Canal at the time a tremendous technical innovation , and many more developments of renewable portfolios on PV Farms in Croatia and Germany. The accumulation of this experience combined with our network are the fundamentals for  us to offer to our Clients an unique service on the Asset Management  of similar portfolios, either combined with our Sustainable Housing Development in the form of "Microgrids" or to independent Clients  to whom their core business is not Power Generation, but  some other activity and having introduced these type of assets to enhance their carbon footprint and/or their economics in power generation needs.

Aerial View of Mozambique Housing

Sustainable Carbon Zero Homes

Our Mission & Objectives

Considering 'Carbon Zero Homes' is looking at important factors that determine it, such as:

  • Energy Efficient Homes that account for insulation, energy consumption versus energy auto-production, etc. These are some of the considerations that have to be taken into account;
  • Carbon Compliance and footprint of its production are also factors that determine how 'green is my home', and these have to be taken into consideration as well.

If we are dealing with existing buildings that are going through renovation and development, then certain criteria has to be implemented to ensure that' energy efficiency' and usage of energy is taken to a level of optimisation and brings the balance of these factors without forgetting the economics of the solutions!

When looking at new builds then we will ensure that the construction and final utilisation of energy balance is taken to another level of optimisation for the home, by producing more energy than its consumption, and therefore installing solar panels, battery,  fuel cell and intelligent monitoring combined with an energy efficiency that enables the system to export excessive energy giving the owner revenues to offset the cost of the building throughout the life of the building.

Having Smart Homes or Carbon Zero Homes also means that it is contributing for a Smart City helping to lower the "carbon  emissions" of the community.

Overview of a Small Village

EcoTerra Invest produced with Architects ACP  Modular Villages for Mozambique that aimed at 'carbon zero' by means of Microgrid, incorporating Solar Roof and Ground Mounted Generation, coupled with Batteries and stand-by generation from Biofuel produced locally from Castor Oil, similar to a project that the promoters executed in Quixeramobim in Brazil.